Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crush of the Week!!!!

This week, Crush of the Week is getting some serious crush-butterflies in our tummies for Bethany Cosentino.  And while Miss Cosentino is a beauty, this is more about her voice.  She sings, writes songs, and plays guitar in the band Best Coast.  She also duets with Rivers Cuomo on "Go Away", a track on the new Weezer record.  Best Coast mines a similar vein of breezy power pop, and Miss Cosentino's voice is pretty stunning.  Not to mention, she looks pretty adorable playing guitar and singing.  Check out the video below for proof.  Another plus: it looks like she's a cat person, and COTW really likes cat people.  So, put your hands together for Bethany Cosentino, this week's Crush of the Week!!!!  (Meow!)

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