Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Conversation With...

I bet you didn't know, but I can be kind of the sentimental type every once in a while.  I can while away hours looking at old photos or reading old journey entries.  Tonight, I was looking at some old texts, and I realized I have some seriously silly conversation with my friends.  I thought maybe I'd share a couple of them.  So, without any further adieu, may I humbly present: A Conversation With... XXXXX.  What, you didn't think I'd actually use names, did you?

This first conversation I had over the course of a couple of days over text with my best friend a couple weeks back....  (Note: I'mma leave the spelling and punctuation uncorrected for the sake of authenticity.)

Me: Baked cupcakes today.  Wish they were healthy so I could give you one.

Her: Wat kind?

Her: Wat kind?

Me: Blueberry - key lime.  And pineapple - bacon - jalapeno.

Her: Ewwwww wat is that like

Me: The bacon one turned out the best but neither one was perfect.  But they turned out pretty good for my first batch.

Me: The lime ones needed more lime flavor and I was bummed the blueberries sank to the bottom.

Her: What made u want to make them?

Me: Felt like a new way to be creative.  Which I need right now.

Her: Bacon I like I had some Saturday

Me: I had some bacon pineapple jalapeno pizza a couple weeks back and it was delicious.  So I wanted to try that in a cupcake.

Me: For some reason.

Her: I had some bacon with cream cheese kinda similar

Her: Maybe it was going around like a virus.

Her: A bacon virus.

Me: Maybe.  I ate bacon cream cheese on my bagel this morning.

Her: Im sorry to inform u, We have a bacon virus, that causes odd cravings, and secondly I'm sorry to inform u we r cannibals

Her: (sad emoticon)

Me: Oh shit balls.

Her: (disturbed emoticon)

Me: Is there a cure?

Her: Vegetables and spinach

Her: And kissing the left eye of a goose

Me: Great.   I've tried to catch a goose 3 or 4 times before and was unsuccessful.  Geese are crafty and sneaky.

Isn't that fun?  I love this kind of silly, off-the-wall banter with friends.  This next one took place over text between my buddy C (the Entertainment Impresario of the Upper Valley) just tonight.  It made me laugh.  Hopefully it makes you chuckle a bit, too.

Me: I just watched the guy from Counting Cars fix the guitarist from Five Finger Death Punch's motorbike.

C: I've never see Counting Cars but I'd watch that episode

Me: It's not art but it's kind of a fun show.

Me: Definitely not as fun as Adam D on Price is Right.

C: I'm not a big car guy so those kinda show usually go unnoticed for me.  I stopped watching Price when Barker left but I'd watch more if they did full metal episodes.

Me: I'd watch if Dave Grohl was the host.

C: The Price is Metal hosted by Grohl.  I'm in.

Me: He'll yeah.  This needs to happen.

C: We'd have to tell em all they're getting a Grammy or something in order to get em in the same room.  And then lock the doors and spring it on em.

Me: Good plan.  We can feed em beer and Easy Cheese.

C: They could probably live on just those for at least a month

Me: I know.

This was kinda fun.  This may become a semi-regular feature!