Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Crush of the Week!!!

Crush of the Week isn't always up to speed on everything.  For example, COTW's buddy Clifton (check him out at recently introduced us to the excellently geeky game show King of the Nerds.  The season one champ was the adorable Celeste Anderson.  Miss Anderson won our hearts with a lethal combination of beauty, shyness, and nerdiness.  Plus, she's a professional gamer, which is pretty hot.  So, let's show some love for Celeste Anderson, this week's Crush of the Week!!!!  Just don't challenge her to a round of Halo.  She'll kick your ass.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Once There Was A Band...

Once there was a band.  A band that produced an unholy hellacious racket.  A band from the cold northland of Sweden that influenced everyone from Killswitch Engage to Darkest Hour to Unearth to your little brother's death metal band that will never get outta your dad's garage.  That band was At the Gates, and they were amazing.  Then one day, they were gone.  They left us hoping they'd return to rescue us from the shitty little kiddie metal bands that grew up on the bands that ripped them off.  Then, HUZZAH!!  The heroes did return with a bad-ass, booty kicking record that shows everyone how to do it.  Here's a taste, the title track.  Loosen up your neck and throw up them horns!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crush of the Week!!!!

This week, Crush of the Week is getting some serious crush-butterflies in our tummies for Bethany Cosentino.  And while Miss Cosentino is a beauty, this is more about her voice.  She sings, writes songs, and plays guitar in the band Best Coast.  She also duets with Rivers Cuomo on "Go Away", a track on the new Weezer record.  Best Coast mines a similar vein of breezy power pop, and Miss Cosentino's voice is pretty stunning.  Not to mention, she looks pretty adorable playing guitar and singing.  Check out the video below for proof.  Another plus: it looks like she's a cat person, and COTW really likes cat people.  So, put your hands together for Bethany Cosentino, this week's Crush of the Week!!!!  (Meow!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Crush of the Week!!!!

Crush of the Week was sitting in the movies, watching Guardians of the Galaxy, when a question struck us: who is the incredibly fetching young lady who's hanging out with Nova Prime?  Well, kids, it turns out that the amazing imaginatively named "Nova Prime's Assistant" is played by the gorgeous Mikaela Hoover.  Miss Hoover doesn't say much in Guardians, but she sure does look pretty.  And she's turned up in a lot of stuff, too.  Miss Hoover has appeared in the film Super, and she's graced TV shows like How I Met Your Mother, The League, and Happy Endings.  Here's hoping we get to see (and hear) a lot more of the beautiful Mikaela Hoover, this weeks Crush of the Week!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Crush of the Week!!!

So, I'm resurrecting this feature, mainly cuz I don't work on Wednesdays right now and I need something to do.  And now, enjoy!!

Most of my buddies don't watch football, but one very good reason to plunk down on the couch and pass a few hour watching pigskin is that you'll run a very good chance of getting an eyefull of Milana Vayntrub.  The lovely Miss Vayntrub currently hocks cell phone service for AT&T, and she's absolutely adorable doing so.  She's also appeared in Life Happens and several College Humor videos.  Miss Vayntrub trained with comic improvisers The Upright Citizens Brigade.  She was also born Uzbekistan, meaning  she's got some exotic European flavor.  That's not enough to make me buy an I-Phone, but it IS enough to make me say "Let's hear it for Milana Vayntrub, this week's Crush of the Week!!!"

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Forget the End! Everything's Alright Now!

Weezer is maybe my favorite band of all time.  I love their awesome growly guitar sound and their nerdy sensibilities.  But for the past few albums, since Maladroit really, there's been a problem.  I'll love each new record intensely for a few months but then I start to feel pretty meh about them.  I'm not one of those Weezer fans who thinks the band will always suck until they produce another Pinkerton.  There are always two or three songs on each Weezer record that I truly dig ("Perfect Situation", "Trainwrecks", ect.).  But none of Weezer's recent releases have really captured my imagination like those early Weez efforts.  I enjoy them for a few weeks then I'm on to something else.  But, I think their new record, Everything Will Be Alright in the End, is gonna have some staying power.  From the opening staticy crackles to the confetti bursts of sweep arpeggios that bring the album to a close, this is one sold, rocking, sing-along platter of power pop perfection.

It probably helps that the band has welcomed back Ric Ocasek, the guy who spun the dials on the Blue and Green Albums.  This is one great-sounding record.  The guitars are thick and meaty, the bass is punchy, and the drum pound away muscularly.  This is a record that'll sound completely bad ass blasting from your car stereo.  And as for Rivers Cuomo's singing, well this is a great performance.  He's all over his range, from soaring falsetto to gutsy mid-range melodic gusto.  Rivers hasn't sounded this inspired in years.

As for the songs themselves, they run the gamut from heavy almost metal ("Back to the Shack") to peppy, melodic power pop that Weezer does better than almost anybody ("Lonely Girl", "Go Away").  The best songs are the ones that don't standard Weezer operating procedure.  "I Had It Up to Here" is a funky jam, with Rivers singing a lot of high notes.  The next song, "The British are Coming", is magnificent, from its references to "punk-ass Redcoats" to it's soaring, infectious chorus.  The record ends with a three-part song cycle that features A LOT of guitar solos.  There's not a ton of shredding here.  They're the kind of solos you can hum after a couple listens.

Come to think of it, the return of guitar solos to Weezer's music  is one of the most welcome elements of EWBAITE.  Weezer had pretty much excised guitar solos from the past couple records, so it's nice to hear Rivers and co-guitarist Brian Bell open up on their axes.  As a guitar nerd, I appreciate the hell outta that.

This is the first Weezer record in a very long time that I can honestly say contains no bummer tracks.  I'm not skipping every other song.  In short, this is the band's best work, maybe since Pinkerton.  There's no searching for the perfect song, and every tune sounds like a Weezer song, which hasn't been the case (Hello, "Can't Stop Partying").  The guitar solos are awesome, and the melodies hook you in the spot in your brain that makes you sing along, even if you don't know the words.  Bravo, boys.  Everything is definitely alright now.