Monday, January 27, 2014

Jake E. Lee is Back!!

If you follow metal guitar playing at all, you're aware that Ozzy Osbourne's backing band has been a spotlight gig for great guitar playing.  From the legendary Randy Rhoads to current Ozzy shredder Gus G (also from Firewind), Ozzy's always had a screamingly excellent talent handling the six-string.  You may not remember Jake E. Lee, though.  Lee, whose tenure with Ozzy fell between Rhoads' tragic death and Zakk Wylde long campaign with the Ozzman, is a bit of a forgotten guitar god.  He riffed for blues rockers Badlands following his time with Ozzy, and when that group disbanded, he slipped out of the the public eye for the most part.  But now he's back kicking ass with a new band, Red Dragon Cartel, and he sounds as badass as ever.  Here's their debut single "Deceived".  I'm not sold on the singer, but just listen to that guitar!

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