Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fattie's 5s: My Favorite Reality TV Shows

I hate reality TV.  Hate it.  Nothing bothers me in quite the same way as watching regular people trying to screw over other regular people in situations that are about as unrealistic as situations get.  I hate all those singing shows, where people with a dream get judged by talentless "celebrities".  Those contests like Survivor?  Pass.  Docutainment stuff like Cake Boss?  Pass.  And don't get me started on Duck Dynasty.  But there ARE a few that I like, and here are my five favorites:


Deadliest Warrior - Awesome weaponry?  Check!  Badass guys wielding those weapons?  Check!  Smack talk and explosions?  Check and check!!  Though it went downhill after Max Geiger lest the show, Deadliest Warrior was a fun show manly-man wannbes (like myself) that went a long ways towards answering a lot of those "who would win in a fight" throwdowns I had back in the comic book shop.


Mythbusters - Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman build awesome machines, test out theories, and blow stuff up, all in a quest to find out whether on not those urban legends we've heard are true.  Things get funny and myths get confirmed or busted.  Plus, Kari Byron is pretty damn attractive.


Who Wants to Be a Superhero? - Wannabes created their own superhero characters, and Stan "The Man" Lee put them through a series of  challenges to see who had the right stuff.  Though the show only ran two seasons, in part because Stan couldn't stand to kick aspiring heroes to the curb, it was endlessly entertaining.  Excelsior!!


BBC's Top Gear - Three middle-aged guys horse around, drive bitchin' cars, and make fun of Americans.  A couple times an episode, someone drives real fast around a race track.  Camping trailers get destroyed.  It might sound lame.  It totally isn't.


Comic Book Men - Set in Kevin Smith's comic book store in New Jersey, this show is basically all about sitting around hanging out with the guys that run the store.  But it's a comic book store, which means all sorts of nerdy conversation.  Also, folks keep bringing really cool items to sell.  It's like Pawn Stars for nerds.  Plus, it's just freaking hilarious!

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  1. OK you convinced me I need to check out Comic Book Men.