Monday, March 24, 2014

Call This Switch Successful

When I learned Angela Gossow had left Arch Enemy to focus on the business side of the band, I was a little sad.  Miss Gossow had one of my favorite screamy voices in metal, and the fact that said scream was issuing forth from the throat of a petite attractive German woman made things all the more impressive.  So, yeah, I was bummed.  Fortunately, Arch Enemy rebounded by snapping up The Agonist frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz.  Not only can Miss White-Gluz really belt out the screams, but she's also pretty gifted at singing melodically.  Plus, she's Canadian, meaning Arch Enemy keeps its multi-national flavor going.  Plus, she's one of the hottest women in metal right now.  So, you know, win-win.  Here she is rocking out with the Amott brothers and posse on Arch Enemy's new single "War Eternal".


  1. If you don't watch the video, you'd have no idea this is a lady. Cuz that's what happened to me.

  2. That's how it was with Angela Gossow.